INJECTION RATE CONTROL DEVICE Haskel IRCD Injection Rate Control Devices
The Haskel IRCD is a unique and revolutionary system for the multi-point injection of chemicals into oil and gas production systems. The IRCD can be supplied as individual units or in a panel configuration, which can be installed adjacent to the point of injection. It only requires one high pressure feed line from either an air or electric-driven chemical injection pump, regardless of the number of injection points the system has.
The NEW Compact Haskel IRCD
Uses all ceramic and PEEK™ metering and regulating parts to overcome many of the problems usually associated with flow control valves, such as chemical adhesion. This technical advance together with new geometry metering valves gives even longer life and fewer blockages, all combined in one compact valve design.
This revolutionary design can handle flow rates from as low as .5L/hr up to 320 L/hr (85 USGPH) with injection pressures up to 15,000 psig and flow turndown of up to 50:1 (flows up to 6,000 L/hr can be achieved with larger models).
Low-Flow System (0 to 120 L/hr.)
Standard Unit (316 SS): 10,000 psi. High Pressure Unit (Duplex SS): 15,000 psi. Medium-Flow System (20 to 2,000 L/hr.)
Standard Unit (316 SS): 10,000 psi. High Pressure Unit (Duplex SS): 15,000 psi. High-Flow System (200 to 4,000 L/hr.)
Standard Unit (316 SS): 10,000 psi. High Pressure Unit (Duplex SS): 15,000 psi. Key features and benefits include:
Accurate flow rates from 20 ml/hr. to 3,000 L/hr. Pressure to 15,000 psi.
No moving parts, thus reducing number of pumps required, maintenance costs and leak problems. Can be supplied individually or in panel configurations.
Lightweight and space-saving. Lower installation costs - requires only one high pressure line. Easy to add units to existing system. Control of injection rate and smooth flow at injection point improves performance. Not susceptible to temperature extremes.
Skid-Mounted Packages
Haskel International designs and builds chemical injection skids and customizes system packages to meet individual specifications. We can provide these services from locations worldwide including the USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Qualified engineers and trained distributors provide ongoing technical support before, during, and after installation to ensure complete customer satisfaction. This level of service and commitment is a recognized strength of Haskel International. IRCD (Injection Rate Control Device)`
Haskel also offer the unique IRCD (Injection Rate Control Device) regulator device designed for single or multi-point regulation of chemicals