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Manufacturers of Engineering Spares & Import Substitutions

Air/Gas Compressors (Up to 4500 CFM Capacity)
Pistons, Cylinders, Coolers, Valves, Non metallic Valve Plates etc. for Air, Methyl Chloride, Ammonia & Hydrogen gas Compressors up to 225 bar pressure & Cylinder size up to 740 mm dia.

D G Sets (Above 2000 KVA)
Valves, Seats, Guides, Roto Caps, Liners, Gaskets etc.

Gas  Turbines
Lock Plates, Seals, Diverter Damper Seals, Gaskets, Hardwares, Stator Rings & White metal  Bearings  etc.,
Repairing of Control Valves, Torque Converters & Shroud blocks etc.

Cement Plants
Voith make Torque Limiting Couplings, Seal Rings, Slide & Guide Rails, Lignite mill Roller Shafts, Hydraulic Nuts for Grinding mills, Transmission Chains for Lignite mill Box feeders, Apron feeders,

- Manufacturing & Refurbishment of Thrust Pads of Vertical Gearbox.

- Shims for Cooler grate plates, Studs for girth gears, Cone pins & Dowel Sleeves, GCT Nozzles.

Power Plants
Air Nozzles, Combustion Nozzles, BFP Bearings, Labyrinth Seals,  Dome  Valves, Ash Handling Pipe, Impellers  etc.

In-situ Metal built up
On Turbine shaft's Labyrinth seal area, Turbine shaft's areas, White metal bearing areas.







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