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Basics of Filtration
Our Vision
Collection of suspended Solids
At GPS... We are ready to serve you with the Filtration Solution that involves latest concepts, purest raw material & finest quality to achieve the best filtration results in terms of efficiency & economy.
We are managed by technocrats having more than 15 years rich experience in designing and manufacturing of Cartridge filtration systems, Bag filtration systems, Sparkler Filters from various materials like Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and special alloys to relevant standards and codes for pharmaceuticals, chemical plants and other industries. Besides this we are glad to announce our recent tie-ups with some foreign manufacturers for supply of Hydraulic pressure and return line filters, Sintered Stainless Steel Filters, Tank Breathers, Popular interchangeable for spare filter elements in hydro-pneumatic lines etc.
The vision of Gopani Product Systems is to support its customers in fulfilling the objective of business by: (1)Providing innovative products at competitive pricing, (2)Providing a better system for communication and transaction to our customers and (3)Building an international caliber administration.Filtration Concepts... Cartridge Filters - Bag Filters - Sparkler Filters Filtration Applications.... Chemical - Mineral Water - Drinking Water - Pharmaceuticals - Pre-Filtration for RO - Process Water - Food & Beverages - Oils - Electroplating Solutions - Printin Inks - Polymer Solutions - Electronic Industries - Man-mad Fiber Industries... & Virtually any filtration application. Filter Elements Ceramic - Sintered SS - Pleated SS - SS Random Fiber Media - Porous sintered - Activated Carbon - Pleated PP - Washable Net Filters SS wire mesh - Melt Blown PP - Wound PP - Wound PP - Hydraulic Filters - Filter Bags - Filter Strainers. Filter Housings Moulded PP - Moulded SAN - Fabricated PP - Fabricated SS - Fabricated MSRL - Fabricated FRP.
In the previous section, fluid is described as a valuable asset requiring polishing filtration. In other applications, the suspended solid may be the valuable asset that is reclaimed by cartridge filtration. Many chemical processes require the use of catalysts in order to be functional. Cartridge filtration can recover the unused portions of the catalyst so that it can be used over again. If the catalyst is a precious metal, or if a precious metal is used in the actual reaction, cartridge filtration can recover unused portions and thus reduce operating costs. In the case of pollution control, contaminants need to be recovered from waste effluents before the fluid is released into the environment, and thus can be accomplished by cartridge filtration.The removal of a suspended particle from a fluid, liquid or gas, by passing the fluid through a porous or semi permeable medium.