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Gear Box - ET Series
ELECON ET - Series modular gear units are the result of decades of experience in design and production, taking advantage of the most recent relevant research in the field of gearing technolog.
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Cooling Tower Gear Box
Elecon has already manufactured several sizes of gear boxes for cooling tower application which are designated as KBV-NL. These are two stage gear boxes

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Worm Planetary Gear box
Elecon has manufactured and supplied Worm Planetary type Slew drive gear box for Stacker Reclaimer machine to SAIL – Durgapur. This gear box is a replacement of existing imported gear box.
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Coupling-Elflex Flexible
Flexible coupling is a cushioned drive type, transmitting the torque through rubber bushes which have excellent capacity to absorb shocks.

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Elign Gear Coupling
ELIGN Gear coupling consists of hubs with multi crowned teeth at Flank, tip and teeth.
ELIGN Gear coupling is a simple, compact and light unit for transmitting the same power when compared to
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PBL Geared Motor
Elecon thorugh its Group Company Power Build Ltd. Variable speed geared motor is morden device for stepless variation of speed. These are manufactured in our most morden plant on sophisticated CNC
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